D Magazine Hits All of Tyler Station’s Best Angles

D Magazine Hits All of Tyler Station’s Best Angles

Tyler Station was created with the intention of redeveloping the old Dixie Wax Paper plant into a neighborhood collaborative workplace for everyone. As new urbanists and preservationists, we saw a really good opportunity to connect a mix of commercial uses, a commuter rail station and a neighborhood together. That is why we are honored to be included in D Magazine’s June issue in a profile from Shelby Hartness.

Options Real Estate President Monte Anderson knew that he wanted to restore the historic Dixie Wax Paper building but even in 2015 when he began the journey, he didn’t envision a Tyler Station that would be 100% occupied with entrepreneurs, brewers, artists and more in its more than 110,000 square feet.

“I imagined a manufacturing facility with welders, carpenters, bookkeepers, advertising professionals, fitness centers, places to eat and drink and then the twist, 50 different companies.”

But if you’ve been to Tyler Station, you know that putting that many companies in one space has created an environment where people are able to bounce ideas off of each other and create a real community under the same roof.

“People at Tyler Station are encouraged to interact,” Hartness writes. “Retail shops on the first floor have walls of grid wire, which allow passersby and occupants to see one another and say hi. Much of the work was done by locals and tenants of the building..”

If you’re interested in learning more about Tyler Station in Oak Cliff, be sure to check out D Magazine’s article online or in its June issue available now. And if you want to check out Tyler Station and its dedication to the past and future of Dallas for yourself, it’s only a short DART Rail Red Line ride to the Tyler/Vernon Station.

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